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While Hamlet lollygags and broods over the murder for much of the play, Laertes takes immediate action. He storms home from France as soon as he hears the news, raises a crowd of followers, and invades the palace, saying "That drop of blood that's calm proclaims me bastard. It's only after he storms the castle with a band of armed men that he starts asking questions —unlike Hamlet, who asks a whole lot of questions before he finally gets around to avenging his father's death. Here's the funny thing, though: both of them end up dead, in exactly the same way, and at each other's hands.

So, is Laertes' method really any better than Hamlet's? Laertes obviously loves his dad. And he loves his little sis, too—maybe even a little too much. This, of course, happens just before Laertes fights with his dead sister's ex-boyfriend about who loved Ophelia the most. Yep, we're thinking that there's a little "more than kin" at work here.

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And that's not too surprising, in a play that revolves around a young man who's consumed with his mother's sexuality and marriage to her brother-in-law. And in the end, Laertes' obsession with his family ends up killing him—just as it kills Hamlet. Is Shakespeare advising us all to chill out a little with the tribal allegiances?

Comparing & Contrasting Hamlet, Laertes & Fortinbras In Shakespeare's Hamlet

Or is death just a part of loving your family? With all the similarities between Hamlet and Laertes displayed throughout the play there is an obvious dissimilarity between them; the way they react when they are faced with the uneasy task of revenge.

The reader sees how Hamlet finds his final convincing piece of verification through a conversation Hamlet has with his good friend Horatio:. Throughout the scene Hamlet added in the play, which was re-enacting the death of his father, Hamlet and Horatio were able to confirm the truth relayed by ghost of his father and reveal the guilt of Claudius. Up until this point Hamlet was experiencing moral struggles and doubts.

Hamlet wanted to be absolutely certain Claudius was the murderer of his dear father before any more blood was spilt. Conversely, Laertes did not need the degree of evidence in order to avenge his father and sisters death. Even without knowing the one responsible for either, Laertes is quick to promise revenge. But my revenge will come.

Laertes in Hamlet

Shakespeare has revealed to the audience that the revenge they wish to exact is driven by passion in the case of Laertes and reason in the case of Hamlet. Furthermore, Shakespeare expresses the mutual respect between Hamlet and Laertes as seen in the opening of the duel and the exchange of sincere heartfelt words. With life comes experience.

Every moment one lives, is a lesson, a lesson on how to act and react in every situation. Individuals can be reared with similar parenting, family and school environment, and still react quite differently under the same set of circumstances. When one is faced with a situation so extreme as avenging a loved ones death, it is impossible and wrong to say that another would have done the same in that situation.

The challenges of life are what guide one to the next level; no two challenges are ever the same, no matter how similar they may be.

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Compare and contrast Hamlet vs. Accessed October 18, Laertes," StudyMoose , Jun This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Perceptions and understanding of Shakespearean language evolve as time passes. It is reasonable to believe that Laertes is more of a tragic hero than Hamlet. In order for this to be seen effectively, a comparison must be made between Laertes and Hamlet.

Metadramatic techniques reveal to the audience that characters in a play themselves are aware they are in a play and are providing additional information that the audience can accept as One of the many biblical allusions in Hamlet include the story of Cain and Abel. Cain was the elder brother to Abel, and both were sons to Adam and Eve. Being one of the central themes in Othello and Hamlet, honor is used in very strange ways by Shakespeare. He has a way of showing how his characters can be very honorable or have a lack there of.

Three Young Men

He displays how honor is interwoven with personal integrity and how acts of attempting to keep a The quietness If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one?

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