Thesis on systematic theology

Rhodes, Michael Craig Frontiers of reason: on epistemology and mystery.

Research Institute in Systematic Theology

Ridley, B. Robinson, Peter J. Rueger, Matthew Individualism in the Christology of Helmut Thielicke's sermons: analysis and response. Sedgwick, Peter Humphrey The character of Christ: the correlation of moral philosophy and Christology in Anglican theology Stephenson, J. Stevenson, W.

Taylor History and its relevance to Theology: reconsidered with special reference to G. Vico, B. Croce and R. Taylor, Nicholas Hugh Paul, Antioch, and Jerusalem: a study in relationships and authority in earliest Christianity.

Thomas, J. Thomas, Philip H. Thomas, Stephen Newman and Heresy: the Anglican writings.

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Tita, Michael The Catholicity of the Church in traditional confessional thelogy and in official ecumenical and other modern debates: A comparative-systematic approach. Tovey, Derek Morton Hamilton Narrative art and act in the fourth gospel: aspects of the Johannine point of view. Trigg, Jonathan D.

Unwin, Peter Timothy Holt Patterns and hierarchies of rural settlement in Nottinghamshire before Maximus the confessor: a comparative study.


Walker, Kenneth Donald Fraser The theological and doxological understanding of resurrection: an examination of its centrality within the 4th century Christian orthodox understanding of Easter with particular reference to the festal letters of St. Athanasius of Alexandria. Walton, Kevin Anthony The presence and absence of god in the Jacob narrative. Ward, Colleen A.

Warner, Martin Clive Virginity matters: power and ambiguity in the attraction of the Virgin Mary. Way, Marion C.

Flinders University

Wearmouth, William G. Westbrook, Graham K. Westgate, W. Widmer, Michael Moses, God, and the dynamics of intercessory prayer. Wilkes, J. Wilkinson, Henry Glyndwr Adolescent education in county boroughs and industrial districts, and the place of physics in the reorganised schools.

Williams, John Anthony Church, religion and secularization in the theology of Christian radicalism: - 69 critical perspectives from the sociology of religion. Wilson, Ashley Peter Hermeneutics and moral imagination: the implications of Gadamer's truth and method for Christian ethics.

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Wilson, John Abortion, reproductive technology, and euthanasia:: Post-concolliar responses from within the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales Wilson, S. Wood, Marcus Edward Michael History and prophecy in the Qumran Pesharim: an examination of the key figures and groups in the Dead Sea Scrolls by way of their prophetic designations.

Woodrow, Zoe Antonia Imperial ideology in middle Byzantine court culture: the evidence of Constantine porphyrogenitus's de ceremoniis. Wright, Stephen Irwin The voice of Jesus in six parables and their interpreters. Yeats, Charles The ethics of privatisation. Addinall, P. Masters thesis, Durham University.

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Ahrnke, Stephan Glory in the Hebrew bible, the Qumran thanksgiving hymns, and the songs of Sabbath sacrifice: a comparative study. Allnutt, Clive Dennis Theological dramatics and post-Christian drama: Hans Urs von Balthasar's dialogues with twentieth-century theatre. Alphonse, Patrick Christology in liberation theology: an examination of the nature and role of christology in the latin American theology of liberation with reference to selected theologians, l. Anders, Donald A consideration of the cultic interpretation of the psalter.

Atherstone, Castell Hugh A critical examination of theological approaches to the problem of race relations by white people in some Christian churches in South Africa. Atkinson, James To examine the episodes in the Forth Gospel as symbolic of various types of spiritual characters and attitude. Atkinson, Nigel Terence Richard Hooker and the authority of scripture, tradition and reason.

Attfield, D. Atwell, Robert Ronald The attitude of the early church towards the state of the faithful departed, as revealed in patristic writing and early liturgy. Austen, James F. Baiden, E. Baldwin, David John Peter The politico-religious usage of the queen's chapel, Ballingal, M. Bane, John Paschal The moral theory and applied ethics of saint Augustine of hippo as presented in in Iohannis evangelium tractatus and in epistulam Iohannis ad parthos.

Bannocks, David George Epistemology and authority in the theology of T. Barker, Celia B. Bates, Sandra Annette The spiritual guide in late antiquity and the middle ages: a comparative study.

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Beacock, Anne H. Hodges: the pattern of atonement in its context. Bickerstaffe, Derek Educational opportunity and achievement in the Manchester Area, - October, Bigger, Andrew J. Bopp, Wieland Heilsverschlossenheit im Johannes-Evangelium. Breen, Michael Two alternative descriptions of person.

Brown, R. Bryant, Richard Kirk The anger jesus in mark's gospel. Budd, P. Bullock, Vernon T.

Sin as a problem of twentieth century systematic theology - Durham e-Theses

Burfeind, Carsten Paul, his apostleship, the collection, and the unity of Jews and gentiles. Burns, Stephen Some sacramental and pastoral approaches to forgiveness. Campbell, David Harthill Christian freedom according to Paul. Cathleen S. Walbrodt, Athanasius' contra arianos iv: a reconsideration. Chapman, Janet Elizabeth Aspects of the response of the churches to the industrial dispute in the British coal industry.

Chard, Francis Eric Rural ecumenism. Christofis, Gus George The notions of martyrdom according to St. John Chrysostom. Christofis, Rev. Gus George The church's identity established through images according to St. Christou, Christos Y. Churchill, Winston James Charles The Church of England and her schools a consideration of the role of the Church of England in the development of the state school system in England Clarke, E. Clauben, Carsten The structure of the Pauline Churches: charisma and office.

Cooper, M A. Corley, J. Crompton, Robert George The origins and development of the watch tower doctrine of the millennium. Crooks, Joan A chosen people: election in the Pentateuch and in iPeter. Crowe, Eric Anthony Hurrell Froude and the development of his ideal of the church. Cunningham, Philip J.

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Cvetkovic, Vladimir Ontologies of freedom and necessity: an investigation of the concepts of logos in Greek philosophy and Christian thought. Davies, D. Daykin, Timothy Elwin Authority in liberal catholic Anglicanism. Dewes, Deborah The incorporation of an individual into the liturgical action of the church of England. Drake, Phillip Nigel A connection of friends: The church's relationship with young adults.

Drews, Evamaria Die ekklesiologie des Jan Hus. Dunn, Meta The place of family in Christian discipleship. Dunthorne, Paul The priority of the gospel: church planting in the church of England examined in the light of Anglican tradition and the ministry of the apostle Paul.

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Echevarria, Jesus A re-appraisal of Origen's Christology in the light of modern scholarship.