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Get started. Essay: Will Internet replace university course books in the near future?

[Essay] Internet versus books

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Books Vs The Internet: A Comprehensive Study

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For hundreds of years people have been documenting their works through bounded pages known as books. Whether these accounts are fiction or non-fiction, the stories and experiences authors tell have been enjoyed by millions across the globe. While readers take pleasure in cuddling up with an intriguing book and forgetting all of the troubles of life, they can dive into the adventures of a person other than themselves.

Reading can take a person into times of war and famine, to far-away lands of.

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Apple Macintosh had developed its first personal computer, mouse and graphical user interface GUI in January of The debate has grown and has been the subject of many articles and even is the main high light of various websites. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this development. Send us your writing samples for a free band score estimate or get a detailed analysis of your writing for a fee.

The internet plays a vital role in storing and disseminating information.

Books vs. Internet

Some people assert that before long it will replace books. The positive and negative aspects of this development will be discussed in this essay. The internet has made it easy to find information. Any information that we need is now available at the click of a button. The internet has also made traditional sources of information such as books redundant.

Nowadays people do not have to carry bulky paper books in their back pack.