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Reluctantly, I submitted the deposit to my safety school. I walked to my car that day feeling like I've lost before I even started. Even getting to my interview proved frustrating. I had never visited downtown Houston. A man in his forties joined followed quickly by a college-aged student.

More men and women filed in until we crunched together shoulder-to-shoulder. Everyone appeared so confident. People talked over one another as they discussed seemingly important things like upcoming meetings and lunch plans.

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Noises blended, a hum of indistinct chatter. After three deafening minutes of chit-chat, a merciful ding signaled our arrival. The doors glided inwards. A nervous silence preceded a burst of sunlight. I stepped into the panoramic atrium offering a birds-eye view of Houston, the Sky Lobby. Despite living in Houston for my entire life, I could never have imagined the city so beautiful. I absorbed the scenes below — the bustling traffic, the diverging currents of the bayou snaking in the distance, and the impersonal skyscrapers dotting the vista, silently taunting our unrestricted zoning laws.

I swear I could almost see the curvature of the Earth, two million people all in my field of view.

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A friendly voice interrupted my gaze. The secretary welcomed me into a grand office that may have passed for a museum. The next moments were a blank. A blurred, neurotic, sweaty blank. Slowly, I walked back to the elevator wide-eyed, almost bewildered. While planning my classes at university I never really hoped to attend, I heard a ding signaling the arrival of an email on my phone.

Aspire to make a difference. Looking back to when those elevator doors first opened, I believe it was at that moment, with the city at my fingertips, that I aspired to make a difference. Before, I viewed education as a means to an end, a minor footnote in my transition to the professional world.

After that day, I saw the bigger picture. A purposeful education produces change within and bettering the world around me. At Houston Endowment, I learned the ins and outs of the workings of a non-profit foundation. I even had the privilege of personally speaking one-on-one with non-profit executives around Houston. While my internship is generally reserved for students at the end of their college careers, I was able to gain exposure to community and business leaders that have shown me that thoughtful, long-term efforts can make the world a better place.

It seems to me that to be a Longhorn means to be a leader.

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They discuss how they will bring a unique perspective to campus and how they seem themselves as a leader on the Forty Acres. It solicits empathy. Everyone can relate to the nervousness of being out of their element and receiving pleasant surprising news when they were otherwise doubtful. Interested in building your best transfer application? Complete my questionnaire for a free consultation.

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I am currently enrolled as a first-year student at Collin College in Frisco, Texas, and I want to finish my studies at the University of Texas in Austin majoring in public relations. My decision to attend Collin stemmed from my mediocre grades in high school — I wanted a fresh start at a college close to home. Though I was accepted at a few well-ranked Texas public universities, I had higher aspirations. I felt that I could improve my grade point average while completing prerequisite courses transferable anywhere. I lived at home allowing me to save money, help my family, and continue working at my job.

I took several business-related classes in high school and college. My goal has always been to transfer to UT and earn a degree in finance. In preparation for transfer, I took Algebra, Pre-calculus, and Calculus 1 and 2. Math is not my strongest subject, and I found Pre-calculus and Calculus to be especially difficult. My low math grades are not for lack of effort. At the time, I was taking care of my mother, a single parent, and coordinating her transfer to rehab for alcohol addiction.

I became the head of household responsible for caring for my three younger sisters. I became a full-time student, employee, and house mom.


Instead of getting discouraged by my setback in calculus, I saw it as an opportunity to grow and reconsider my future. I felt that my decision to pursue finance came not from my own motivations, but pressures from friends, family, and society. I considered my strengths, and now I understand that I love communicating with people and solving problems.

I want to help solve problems on behalf of companies, and I feel that public relations is my perfect fit.

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I learned to communicate effectively at an early age. No matter what situation my family was going through, my sisters and other relatives considered my opinions and often put my suggestions into practice. My survival and quality of life depends on resolving conflicts for work, for my internship, and for relaying messages within a divided family. Recognizing my strength, I feel that public relations would be the perfect major for me.

Through reaching out to bloggers that have PR firms, I am reassured that I made the right decision and have truly found what I love. Also, I have previous professional experience as an executive assistant for Texas Family Fitness. I was constantly phoning clients, communicating with employees, setting up meetings, proposing new ideas, and managing conflict in the workplace.

After doing research, I learned that UT has one of the best public relations departments and employs world-renowned faculty.

I especially like the internship requirement and career placement resources. My goal is to begin with a major public relations firm and, ultimately, establish my own firm. This particular student had a 3. They made a D in Calculus, so this essay helps put that grade into context. I appreciate that this essay is very straightforward. They get right to the point why they are at their current university, what they hope to study at UT, and how their goals evolved over time. One pitfall of extenuating circumstances essays is they tend towards hyperbole and overexageration.

Although you were not able to find your niche there, make it clear that you made the best of your experience. The last thing a school wants to see is that you shut down your mind to different opportunities once you decided to transfer. Instead, talk about what you got out of the school. For example, what actives you liked and would like to continue during your years at a new institution. By showing that you tried your best to enjoy the school, you demonstrate your open mindedness and a positive attitude, something that colleges and universities want students to bring to their own campuses.

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There is a difference between writing a formal essay and using a thesaurus for every adjective throughout your transfer essay. When you try too hard to sound intelligent by using those SAT words that you spent so much time memorizing, you lose your own voice throughout the essay. Instead, focus on the flow of your writing and try to let your own voice shine. Remember that most workers in the admissions offices read hundreds of applications a day. On top of this, the essay part of your transfer application is one of the best ways to decipher who you are, not only as a student, but as a person as well.

If you try too hard, it will be much more difficult to get a clear idea of who you really are. By writing with your own voice, you stand a better chance of establishing a connection with your readers.