Fourth dimension research paper

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    Radical dimensions

    Owston, R. Parker, A. Shyu, H. Imagine a transparent cube, like the kind you used to scribble in your math notebook when you were bored in high school. Any one line of that cube exists in a single dimension. Now you can go back and forth and up and down, which is exponentially more freedom than you had previously.

    The Fourth Dimension | Nature

    What these newest studies are looking for is the effects of a fourth spatial dimension that can be detected within our three-dimensional world. In one of the experiments, scientists studied the behavior of light particles moving through specially made glass that bounces light back and forth between its edges. By simulating the effects of an electrical charge via physical input, the team observed how the light behaved, watching for irregularities that could only be made possible if a fourth dimension was working behind the scenes.

    The other experiment used supercooled atoms held in place on a grid made of lasers.

    Scientist Proved That Fourth Dimension Really Exist

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