Is graffiti art or crime essay

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graffiti : art or vandalism Essay

The British graffiti artist Banksy essays on graffiti art or crime likes pizza, though his preference in toppings cannot be definitively ascertained. He has a gold tooth. Commercial essays on graffiti art or crime graffiti also known as aerosol advertising or graffiti for hire is the commercial practice of graffiti artists being paid for their essays on graffiti art or crime work Graffiti is illegal because it is considered a form of vandalism or criminal mischief, according to Graffiti Hurts.

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Graffiti, Art or Crime

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Graffiti is a Beautiful Crime Essay example -- Argumentative Persuasiv

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Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism?

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Graffiti essay 1. Graffiti essay Thomas Cavanagh 2. History of Graffiti: Originally, graffiti began in Philadelphia.

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People would usually tag subway stations, as this was a common use of transport it would gain more publicity when people would commute from one station to another. Eventually authorities wanted to object this use of tagging, and in attempt to stop the use of tagging they threatened to stop the trains from going out.

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Therefore tagging in subway stations decreased and they focused more on walls and other public areas. Since the tagging moved from subway stations to other areas, graffiti artists now had more area and time to focus on making the tags look more interesting and creative, therefore they would provide more colour, image, and just more design in general. In this instance, graffiti can help make a place that may of originally been a bit of an eye-sore, attractive to look at.

If done by permission, graffiti artists a able to use their creativity to make a place look more appealing by using illustration, colour, etc. Just so it makes the place look more vibrant less of an eye-sore. Being a graffiti artist can be a possible career choice if it were to be done legally. Street art can offer a positive outlet, whether some people may see it as negative it is a way of voicing concerns and frustrations in a constructive manner, rather than it being physical or verbal, it can be displayed through art.

Gateway theory, this is the idea that if someone gets away with a small crime, and nothing is done about it then it can lead onto a bigger crime and so on. So this theory also refers to graffiti in the the way that if someone gets away with tagging, they would then go into producing more detailed tagging and just graffiti in general, and they think they may be able to get away with it again.

Graffiti can be offensive.

Graffiti – The Art of the Outlaws