Essay on dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism

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Try to keep your voice in this essay as well. At the same time, it is essential to not override your academic paper with emotions. You can write down all of the thoughts that you have on the subject in general and your precise topic for the current preventing terrorism essay that you are working on. For getting a better grade you need to show your ability to think critically, to analyze, to interpret different facts in a logically structured way.

That is why you should just take your time to examine your subject extensively from every angle. Make sure to gather as much evidence, data, materials, and examples as possible.

Essay On Dialogue Is The Best Course To Combat Terrorism

When you have gathered all of your useful data, you can write them on small pieces of paper in the form of summarized sentences and try to order them in different ways. While doing this, you definitely want to steer clear of your emotions about that sad facts. Of course, terrorism is an extremely devastating phenomenon that contravenes all human rights. But when working on an academic assignment on it, it is better to employ a rational approach than to let your emotions and possibly radical assumptions get away with you. To put it short, in a combating terrorism essay, you can describe nearly nine widely known approaches proposed by experts for dealing with that problem.

However, Governments are not that easy to follow these strategies simply because they alter some of the political interests that have been maintained for decades. In this light, you can also suggest ways of how to make those strategies become real knowing the current political and economic situation of countries that are dealing with conflicts like these the most, like the US and Iraq. Then you can describe various theories on how to stop terrorism, their advantages and downfalls, their relation to each other, their probability of performing in real life, what could help, and what are the obstacles to performing that strategies.

One of the most renowned ideas is to stop supporting terrorists because some facts clearly show that America supports some of the most violent terrorist organizations like ISIS. Scholars also insist that American military forces should stop invading other countries, especially in the Middle East, relating to their notorious presence in Afghanistan. Also, in a fight against terrorism essay you might highlight the importance of the international negotiations that would agree to stop funding extremist groups by governments.

France’s International Action Against Terrorism

Experts also argue that imperial conquests for Arab oil should be stopped. When investigating factors that gave rise to the international Islamic terrorist attacks, they found that events like Iraq war were more targeted at oil dominance fights that combating terrorism actions. The US regime overthrew Arab leaders through as long as six decades. That were all oil-rich countries. This reason becomes one of the major points worth arguing about when writing an essay on anti-terrorism, including the one that is intended to describe possible ways to cut down terrorism attacks in the US and other European countries that become targets for radical Islamic terrorists.

When writing terrorism a threat to peace essay that explores reasons of continuity of conflicts between terrorist organizations and countries of the Western world, it is also important to mention how politics of these countries affect the fact that terrorists keep trying to reach their specific goals by organizing more and more attacks like bombings in public places. You can mention here another popular point of view by Gregory Shupak suggesting that American military forces should dismantle their bases in the greater Middle East.

Because simply their presence there acts as a trigger for further aggressive attacks from Muslim terrorists. Bases like these act as a threat to local societies that view American forces like enemy invaders to their own land. Consequently, the US military bases facilitate the imperialist wars, which then lead to hostility derived from the radical organizations.

They, in turn, will make more and more attempts to stay independent and secure by performing more and more terrorist attacks to threaten the US government by means of revenge that they believe in. Those attacks will also serve them as an instrument for influencing and manipulating decisions of the American government.

Russia: Suspected IS militant killed during counter-terrorism operation in Saratov

Anyway, when researching all of the ways how to prevent and stop terrorism, the best way to go is not to take all of the theories stated above as granted. Of course, they make sense and they were approved by many experts of the political science field of study. But on the flip, they also sound a bit radical and hard to follow right from the start.

Maybe some of them are also developed by people that do not agree with the current organization of the American government and who wants to undermine credence and weaken the US ruling power. So, when discovering more about the topic like an article on global terrorism, you want to maintain a so-called information balance seen by media resources. This simply means that you should show opposing points of view and summarize all the facts creating a logically reasonable conclusion.

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When learning about the effects of terrorism, you can pick one of the many variations to this broad subject. Your essay might focus on one of the topics like the effects of terrorism on society, on global capital markets, on regional or global tourism, on economics of developing countries, and many more. Basically, you can pick the specific area for examination that mostly correlates with some of your particular disciplines or the area of knowledge of your major in general.

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That being said, keep an eye on the tendencies that are being discussed in the recent years and try not to follow dated opinions that are no longer so fresh and new. Because the best essays on terrorism propose an approach that has never been addressed by other students before.

Your personal touch will certainly be appreciated by your professors and deserves a high grade. Just remember to keep it logical at least to the point. You might want to start with a so-called attention-getter. This is a crucial part of your essay introduction that must contain some kind of hook that suggests your own thesis statement expressed in such a clear and intriguing way that makes it want to read more of your essay.

At this point, not only you can highlight your most persuading evidence in a straightforward manner but also you might want to provide some background details to keep the reader interested. Because any academic assignment necessarily should be based on the supporting citations and strong, credible references to authoritative sources. In an introduction to a what is terrorism essay it is also highly important to describe a purpose of a research paper that you have written. It may be either a mainstream informative account or a new persuasive argument, whether we are talking about topics for an essay such as exploring historical events, defining phenomenons, or shaping the cause and effect relations.

The core of your introduction here would be specifically your thesis statement of this paper. An effects of terrorism essay can imply predictions about what will happen after terrorist attacks are committed.

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It may also describe and examine events that already happen. It is useful to perform your own investigation of the facts and try to connect the dots of various data materials to make a scientific conclusion for your academic essay. At this point, you want to convey both the global interrelationships and smaller structures. For example, this could be a perspective on the global effects of terrorism from the viewpoint of one family that suffered from it.

You can tell their story and examine the consequences of certain events. Try to connect facts with causation and effect structure here. How government decisions affected the life of each and every citizen, and what are the tendencies of those decisions for the nearest future? All of these questions are worth exploring using examples from the real life. The effects of terrorism on the world economy could be best classified according to income groups for making your message clear and concise.

From there you can make some conclusions about the impact of terrorist attacks on different countries. You can also divide your statistics into a comparison between the consequences of radical groups violence acts on low-income and high-income states. Interestingly enough, the latest studies show that low-income countries tend to suffer more from the terrorist attacks than countries with higher than middle class residents. All of these conclusions could form a persuasive thesis statement for an academic assignment like a terrorism is a product of poverty essay or any other economy-related write-up that touches the topic of terrorism attacks and societies of different social statuses.

It is also a good thing not to look at just one or two-year statistics, but apply a more complex approach and compare the statistics of five or ten years of economy tendencies afterward public events bombings, suicide explosions, hijacking planes, or taking hostages. You might also want to point out in any kind of essay, including very simple ones like anti-terrorism day essay, that terrorism affects society in many ways and we cannot just view it as a negative reason for economic changes. Of course, fighting terrorism is very costly for governments. But also these dangerous acts tend to spread fear among different people and their daily lives.

We have to pass metal detectors in public places, in airports, and even in schools. Each time we attend some public event there is a chance that some suicide bomber will choose particularly this event for his violent actions. And the most upsetting consequence of those attacks would be thousands of lost lives of innocent civilians and pain that their families will never get over.

Lots of soldiers die in wars against terrorism, too.

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  8. Every single terrorist attack has an inevitable and immediate negative impact on the stock exchange market. You might discuss the purpose of terrorist attacks to achieve certain political concessions from the government. When writing anything like a terrorism a global threat essay, you should also be aware of possible objections. Not only you should propose a credible argument supported by relevant sources but also you should discuss the probability of opposing points of view and whether they are justified by particular experts or not.

    Terrorism and counterterrorism in the EU - DOC Research Institute

    You want to look at the deepest roots that cause this problem and after that you will be able to assess all of the effects in a more appropriate way that covers all or most of the aspects of social, economic, and political life after events like that. Presenting an argument of this kind can also be a part of another kind of assignment covering a slightly different topic, for example, a prevention of terrorism essay. This way, the consequences that this problem brings to politics, social interactions, and economy can appear as a supportive evidence for your main argument.

    By following your statement and the idea that you wish to unveil, you can describe the effects of terrorism as a certain field of study that suggests ways to identify root causes of terror and fight it in the most appropriate way afterward. Having said that, the most common example of an argument like that is quite simple.